Frequently Asked Questions

Get fast answers to frequently asked exhibitor questions including booth selection process, booth logistics, show staff registration and more.


Does my company have to be a member of ISPA to exhibit at the ISPA Conference & Expo?

Exhibiting and sponsorship opportunities are only available to current ISPA resource partners in good standing. For more information on becoming a member, visit

Is selling permitted on the Expo floor?

ISPA encourages business-to-business relations and order-taking; however, no exchanges of cash (cash & carry) is permitted on the Expo floor. Orders may be taken onsite, but must be fulfilled and finalized once exhibitors return to their place of business.

What is included with a booth?

All linear booths come standard with 8' high back pipe and drape, 3' high side pipe and drape, 11" x 17" ID sign and a waste can. Tables, chairs, carpet, electric, etc.  are not included with a booth package.

What are the height restrictions for my booth?

When planning your booth, please note the following height limitations and refer to the ISPA Exhibitor Planning Guide for further specifications. Linear and Corner booths – A maximum back wall and side wall height limitation of 8’ applies. Any side wall signage above 3’ must be finished on both sides. Split Island and Island booths – A maximum back wall height limitation of 16’ applies. Any back wall signage above 10’ must be finished on both sides.

How does the booth selection process work?

Each group has the opportunity to select their booth location on a designated day and it is a first come, first served basis. On the date assigned, a selection link will be sent to your company to choose your booth location, update your company information for our Conference marketing materials, submit a 50 percent deposite and digitally sign the booth contract. Once the request has been processed, you will receive log in and password information fo the Exhibitor Dashboard where you will find the Exhibitor Kit, Planning Guide and further information. The remaining 50 percent of your booth payment will be due by July 14.

What are the Expo hours?

  • Monday, October 16: 11:15 am - 6 pm
  • Tuesday, October 17: 11:15 am - 5 pm
  • Wednesday, October 18: 11:15 am - 3 pm

When is exhibitor move-in and move-out?


  • Saturday, October 14:  8:00 am – 11:00 am (Exhibitors with 20x20 booths and larger)
    11:00 am to 8:00 pm (All Exhibitors)

  • Sunday, October 15:  8:00 am to 8:00 pm (All Exhibitors)


  • Wednesday, October 18:  3:00 pm – 10:00 pm

  • Thursday, October 19:  8:00 am – 12:00 pm

Where do I order materials for my booth?

You may access your Exhibitor Dashboard to order booth materials through the GES Expresso Online Ordering Systems as well as services through the Mandalay Bay Exhibitor Services portal. Be sure to order early to receive the discounted rate.

May we rent or buy furniture from an outside company?

Absolutely! Keep in mind that if delivering to Mandalay Bay during set-up, you will need to go through marshaling, which has varying wait times based on how many trucks are dropping off at the same time. Please note you will have material handling fees to deliver the freight to your booth upon arrival and you will want to esitmate that cost beforehand by filling out the material handling form through the GES Expresso Onling Ordering System. To avoid wait times in the marshaling yard, it is highly suggested to ship directly to the Advanced GES Warehouse. All freight shipped in advance to the warehouse is delivered first to the Expo floor prior to all other shipments.

Do we need to provide a certificate of insurance?

Insurance coverage for all exhibitors is required and must be submitted to GES if using an Exhibitor Appointed Contractor (EAC). A copy should be kept on file during on-site set up and tear down. More requirements regarding a certificate of insurance for EACs will be available in the GES Expresso Online Ordering System.

What is an exhibitor appointed contractor?

An exhibitor appointed contractor (EAC) is a company other than the general or official service provider of the show that requires access to a booth during installation and dismantling. If you are using an EAC, the information needs to be submitted to GES in advance. This information can be found in the GES Expresso Online Ordering System - be sure to review it thoroughly. 

How do I access the Map Your Show Exhibitor Dashboard?

You are able to access your Exhibitor Dashboard by using this link. Your Exhibitor Dashboard allows you to increase your visibility on the Expo floor, share your company information with attendees, make payments on your booth space, promote a product launch during Conference and more. Log in information is listed on your exhibit space confirmation email or listed at the bottom of your booth invoice. 

Can I view the 2017 ISPA Conference & Expo exhibitors?

The 2017 ISPA Conference & Expo exhibitors may be viewed from the Expo floor plan. You may view exhibitors by category or location using the drop-down menu and search bar at the top of the Expo floor page. For a full list of exhibitors, you may use the "Search the Show" tab at the top and then select "Exhibitors by Alpha".

How do I register my show staff and how many badges do I receive?

Each exhibitor receives a designated number of full-Conference and Show Staff registrations, in accordance with the size of booth secured.  Booth staff registration is now open and exhibitors should have received an email with specific instructions. Please be sure to complete Show Staff registrations before September. 1

All individuals attending the ISPA Conference & Expo as exhibit booth personnel must serve as an official representative of and solely represent the exhibiting company with which they are registered.  Eligible attendees who either qualify as a buyer or who represent more than one exhibiting company must be registered under their own company name and meet eligibility guidelines for attendance.

•         10' x 10' – 1 full-Conference, 4 Show Staff

•         10' x 20' (Linear & Split Island) – 2 full-Conference, 6 Show Staff

•         10' x 30' – 3 full-Conference, 10 Show Staff

•         10’ x 40’ – 4 Full Conference, 10 Show Staff

•         20' x 20' Island – 4 full-Conference, 10 Show Staff

•         20' x 30' and larger – 6 full-Conference, 10 Show Staff

Full-Conference Badge – Includes access to the Expo, General Sessions, Professional Development Sessions, Energy Breaks, Lunches and the Farewell Party.

Show Staff Badge – Includes access to all items above, but does not include the Farewell Party (tickets may be purchased to attend).

When will I receive the attendee list?

To ensure that the list is as complete as possible, the attendee list will be distributed within two weeks of the event start. The list will include all registered attendees with physical addresses, along with the emails of attendees who have opted in to receive emails from exhibitors and sponsors. Attendees residing in Canada are unable to have their email addresses shared due to anti-spam laws in Canada.

How can I host a Hospitality Event during Conference?

Any event meeting ISPA guidelines will be considered an ISPA Approved Event and can be hosted outside of official Conference hours. To submit your event for consideration, please view the Hospitality Event Request Form